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Lost Property

If an item has been lost, the passenger can:

  • call the freephone number: 800-101040;
  • call the ATAP switchboard: 0434-224411;
  • directly contact the office in charge at ATAP Autoparco (bus station) in Via Prasecco, n. 58.

Any valuable item (i.e. any silver or gold item, wallet or personal ID card) is immediately forwarded to the Comando della Polizia Municipale (Municipal Police Headquarters) in Pordenone. Any other items (clothes, school items, umbrellas etc.) are kept and stored, in compliance with Article 927, and any subsequent article of the Civil Code, at the company's premises for a period of one month from the time it was found. It is available to those who can prove with certainty that they are the rightful owners.
No perishable items are kept

If no request is made in accordance with the above, or it is impossible to hand the item over to the rightful owner, even non-valuable items will be handed over to the local traffic police.

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